-Rules of safety of weapons and operation
-Threats and behavior
-Understanding Violent Body Language and Confrontation
-The vision of the fight
-The vital points
- Strike and riposte techniques
-The techniques of seizures and security palpation.
-Menottage and operational technical gesture
- Ground combat with equipment
-tonfa and telescopic pole
- Defense techniques against firearms, long and
-To behave
-exercises with teammates in a situation
-Defense against multiple attackers
-Warrior development exercises
-Real scenario and conditioning exercise

Court reserved for law enforcement and private security professionals


Weapons safety rules and Threats terrorists comportment suspect Understanding body language violent violent Confrontation



The Krav Maga OTU  is dedicated on providing the highest level of tactical and security training . All programs are developed to offer the best and most modern tactical security methods there is, preparing our students to be able to deal with violent attacks and terror attacks in many different scenarios , for POLICE -  VIP-CLOSE PROTECTION with a specific program courses  The KM OTU pro branch is open for all  Krav Maga KM OTUInstructors and civilians.  Krav Maga OTU instructor by enrolling those courses will add on them training specialize module as  Krav maga OTU instructor certified for security guards , Police &  Army .

KRAV MAGA Operational Training Unit






TONFA - telescopique baton - police training

The police baton á side handle is used for more than twenty years by the U.S. police and now in Europe and in France by the police ( National and Municipal Police , Gendarmerie, Army , Customs) . It has nothing to do with the tonfa Kobudo Martial Arts that are practiced (legally) not with weapons of 6th grade, based on scenarios of the most realistic terrain and unadorned , which address essentially to law enforcement , military , prison and some security professionals (subject to legal authorization ) by offering skills training in law enforcement .

The originality of the method Tonfa KM OTU is to use the tonfa the beginning and end of the intervention in tandem with handcuffs and handgun and to train exclusively with the tonfa hard against attacks real blunt objects with specific security protections . The objective is to use all the weapons in staffing while avoiding simulated work foam that keeps the student from the reality of contact and action.


The tonfa is a weapon of the sixth category including transportation and port are prohibited without permission. Formations OTU refer to the most strict legal protection of legitimate defense. Leaders and trainers accepts any liability for its misuse and contrary to this rule of law, and non- compliance with the Code of Ethics KRAV MAGA OTU

Courses taught by professionals for professionals :

Stick and tonfa


. Percussion

. Feet fists against Defence

. Defenses against weapons of stick-type bat

. Defenses against knives

. Techniques brought to basic soil

. Control techniques. Basic to ground

. Complementarity between work bare hands,  or Tonfa Baton and output


You are a public sector professional, a member of the security forces or the armed forces, or work in the private security sector. You serve the general interest by performing missions for relief to the person in contexts of potential insecurity, you are firefighter, medical and hospital staff in contact with the public.
The discipline of the operational and professional KRAV MAGA OTU meets your expectations with regard to professional development in security, defense and justice as well as in self-help - defense and stress management in case of care and help for the person in contact with the public.
The pedagogy of KM OTU, as well as its most important operational calling, makes it possible to deliver the rudiments of self-defense and close combat to professionals in the common security and defense professions among the youngest or the most inexperienced.
The most basic teaching of K.M OTU Remains operational content that develops rust and performance under stress in an operational context. The ability to react in a physical confrontation presupposes one's own survival as the security of one's group. The realistic training and self-control
• education and in a civilian context as well as in law and order, in contact with several experts from all walks of life.
• Exercise and teaching in Krav Maga and self-defense for experts from several schools and federations, often with a different approach, pedagogy and techniques. These deviations, peculiarities and specificities find their coherence in a global perspective, which makes it possible to synthesize these different "styles" of Krav Maga and self-defense.
• The combination of these four sources of experience naturally led to the operational and professional Requirement emerging as an autonomous discipline and very complete of self-defense and combat. This logically led to the creation of K.M OTU
• KM OTU has retained some Krav Maga techniques, either in whole or in part, sometimes modifying them to optimize them. K.M OTU has also developed other techniques. On this basis, the basic principles of the operational and professional Requirement are defined.
• I pay tribute to all the experts in martial arts, martial arts and other methods of self-defense and close combat for having provided knowledge of all the disciplines from which our practitioners are drawn. K.M OTU By taking root in Krav Maga, I thank the various experts that I have met and appreciated during training, internships and training.
• The association respects all the trends, schools, associations in Krav Maga, self-defense, and martial arts that I have been a part of.
• Humility, modesty, simplicity, friendship, loyalty, moral and human values ​​are always present in KRAV MAGA OPERATIONAL EDUCATION
• Work, discipline, competence and professionalism continue to guide the development of Krav Maga OTU practitioners within their discipline and within their federation.
Requirements Maga Operational Training Unit advances with humility but efficiency.